Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When are you open?

We have flexible hours and are open Monday through until Sunday. Please call Brett on (08) 9371 2404 to get

         in touch. 


Q. I have noticed cracking/sagging/bowing of my ceiling, can I get someone to      come and inspect it?

Yes, we can arrange for someone to come out to your house and inspect the ceiling. We will provide you with an obligation-free assessment and a quote explaining the details of the procedure and the costs involved. The quote and inspection itself are free of charge, it is up to you if you wish to then continue with the repair.


Q. My ceiling appears to be sagging/bowing or has some cracking, can it be            secured or does it need to be replaced?

Nearly all ceilings can be raised and secured without replacing the original ceiling. This method of repair and securing is done at a greatly reduced cost than replacement and is a safer and less intrusive procedure. There is considerably less mess and most of the time the contents of the room will not even need to be moved.


Q. My ceiling has insulation on it, can you still secure it?

All ceilings need to be thoroughly cleaned to be dirt and particle-free to ensure the fibreglass-plaster straps maximally adhere to the ceiling surface. If your ceiling has insulation we can arrange for it to be shifted or removed before the ceiling is secured and then returned to it's an original position afterwards.


Q. My house is insulated as is, if the insulation is removed to secure the                  ceiling, can we arrange for it to be replaced?

Absolutely, we can offer installation of a range of different products including pure polyester batts. We partner with another local business to install insulation for you. Just ask us for more details. Installation and supply of these batts is highly recommended and while there are workers in the roof and there is existing equipment set up. During the job is the best time to install replacement insulation.


Q. I have old blow-in insulation that is migrating into my home. Can you                 remove it and replace it?

Yes, we can. We will remove all the blow-in insulation, clean out the dust and then replace with new batts if you request.


Q. How long does it all take?

For an average-sized home, the entire job normally spans over 1-2 business days of work. Usually, someone can come out to your home for an inspection and quote within roughly 3 business days.


Q. My home has a tin/tiled roof, is this okay?

        Absolutely, we can work on all roof types.


Q. Only one ceiling in my house appears to be sagging, will the rest of the              rooms be okay?

Quite often when the materials securing one ceiling begin to break, it is an indicator that other ceilings will begin to deteriorate in the near future. This is not always the case and is individual for every ceiling and every home. During the obligation-free quote and assessment, your other ceilings can be inspected too.


Q. Does this job include a guarantee/painting?

Unfortunately, services do not include painting of the ceiling. However, nearly all services will include a 15-year guarantee, this will be confirmed on the lower margin of your quote document.


Q. Do you only work on residential ceilings?

No. We repair ceilings and install batts for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. This includes not only houses but also clubs, offices, schools and shops.