Here at Riverside Ceilings we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, environmentally friendly insulation to the Perth community at an affordable cost. We can install all types of insulation in your home or office today. Read on to consider why you should install insulation!

Durable - We strive to install high quality insulation that will last over time. We want to provide you with lasting performance from the day your insulation is installed.

Local & proud - Our company is based in Australia and always has been. We know the local conditions better than anyone else, and know the insulation which works!

Fire Resistant - We have many options of insulation to install including those that are non-flammable and meet all the relevant fire standards for BCA compliance including downlights.

Safe - Our insulation is completely safe to install, and means that it will be safe in the ceiling over your head. 

Recycled content - We have options to install recycled insulation that is great for the environment, and for the budget! Call now to find out more. 

Breathe Easier - We can install polyester based products which are considered safer for Australians living with Asthma.

Safer indoor air quality - Our insulation is installed without any added chemicals such as formaldehyde or fibres that can be breathed into your lungs from inside your home.

High Performance - our products exceeds all requirements of the Australian Building Code, and will last over time.

Source: Autex Industries Limited of New Zealand.